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2020 Online Application Form

  • Applicant Details
  • Parent and Health Details
  • Consent of Use

Thank for for taking the time and effort involved to be either a cast member or support/crew member of Darling Downs Revue. As you fill out the form, depending on your answers, the instructions and questions may change. Please fill out every question you are presented with. Thanks, Russell and the Darling Downs Revue production team.

Applicants First Name
Applicants Surname
Applicant's Preferred Name
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Applicant's Date Of Birth
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Scouts Queensland have implemented new procedures for adults (over 18's) involved in supporting Scouting in the state. This requires all adults to sign up as a Youth Program Supporters and to have a valid 'Working With Children' Blue Card if they are not already registered leaders or other roles with their local formation (Scout group, district, region, etc.)
There is a form to complete and an annual fee of $23 for this process. You will then also have to complete two online e-learning modules on Child Safety and Workplace Health and Safety.
Darling Downs Revue encourages all adults to be registered and assisting with a local formation and then to help with the show as an extra role. The fee will be at the expense of the individual adult wanting to assist. Some local formations will cover this fee for their supporters which is why we encourage you to assist or register with a local formation.
If you wish Darling Downs Revue to complete the paperwork with you and pay your $23 fee through the show - please choose Yes below.
If you are already registered with a formation - please choose Registered below, and fill in your group and membership details.
If you do not wish to register with Scouts Queensland - please choose No. If so, you will not be considered for any roles that involve the Youth members.

Scouts Australia, Queensland Branch Inc. have a requirement that all personnel over the age of 18 that will be working with children needs to hold a 'Blue Card'. We can arrange for you to apply for a 'Blue Card'. If you continue and submit this application, we will be in contact to have the necessary paperwork filled out and signed.

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Father/Guardian's Details

Mother/Guardian's Details

Next of Kin

Applicant's Health Details

Audition Times

The audition process will take approximately One Hour.
Please select the date and times that you would like to attend an audition. You can pick multiple items by holding the ctrl key while clicking. Cast applicants will be advised of their actual audition time early June.

Support Crew Roles

With any show, the number of support crew outnumbers the cast by two or three times. Darling Downs Revue would love to have you as a member of our support crew.
Please select the roles below that you would like to help with. You can pick multiple items by holding the ctrl key while clicking.

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If Under 18 Years of Age

(No application form for Under 18 years of age will be accepted without the Parent's/Guardian's Signature.)
I hereby give my approval for my child to participate in 'Darling Downs Revue' as per the conditions outlined in the Information Pamphlet, the Application Form and the Consent of Use of Performance Statement (as above). In addition, I give my authority as per the following statement:
'In the event of injury to the Youth Member, where reasonable attempts to contact me are unsuccessful, I give authority for such medical treatment to be given to the Youth Member as is recommended by the Medical Practitioner and seems, in the opinion of the leader in charge, to be reasonable and appropriate. I undertake to be responsible for any fees or charges with respect to that treatment and to pay those costs on demand by the Association.'
My signature bears witness and understanding to these conditions.

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